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Hornstrandir, the raw capture of nature

The home of Iceland’s only native land mammal.

They no longer exist – the untouched places, far from all the tourism that has massively increased in Iceland over the last few years.

However, if you are a bit knowledgeable, have the courage to discover something new and are searching for something new, you will always find the one or other unknown place of ​​the fascinating volcanic island.

Hornstrandir is the most northern peninsula of the Westfjords and is rarely visited because tourists can only reach the nature reserve on a ferry from Ísafjörður during two months in summer. It provides a protected habitat for many bird and animal species, including the arctic fox (Melrakki) – the only native land mammal in Iceland.

the story

From the domestic Airport in Reykjavik we flew with Air Iceland Connect to the capital of the Westfjords, Ísafjörður. By sea, we were led by Borea Adventures to our campsite, where we were finally landed with the Zodiacs.

The campsite became our base for the next days. From here we explored the area around the Horn – a massive mountain peak behind our basecamp, always looking for the little fellas.


This image series was shown at PhotoSchweiz, Switzerland from the 10th to 14th January 2019. The exhibition will re- appear in other parts of Switzerland and Iceland in the coming months.

To purchase prints, please visit the store.

The proceeds from the images goes to the Arctic Fox Center in Sudavik, Iceland.



Hornstrandir | Photo19 – Oerlikon (Halle 622), Switzerland, 2019

Hornstrandir | Arctic Fox Center – Sudavik, Iceland, 2019

The raw capture of nature | Myndwork Gallery – Embrach, Switzerland 2019

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